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A comprehensive and (aiming to be) complete database of the Grand Army of the Republic, consisting of the men, ships and units who served the Republic during the Clone Wars.


The purpose of this wiki is to act as a fully functional guide to everything that's a part of the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. We try to be as accurate as we can and aim to have nothing but facts on our pages, to try and give you the best information about these subjects as you can get.


Everyone is very welcome to edit and contribute on/to this wiki but please keep a few things in mind:

  1. Don't copy/paste text from other websites. Not from other Star Wars wiki's, not from the official Star Wars website, and not from any other already published source. Of course you can use other websites as a source for your text, but write in your own words and don't copy other people's work.
  2. Please try to write factual things on the pages of this wiki. Admins will go over what you wrote/edited and any information that is not true/made up/fan theory will be changed or removed.
  3. Please try to write and make pages about The Grand Army of the Republic. As mentioned before this wiki aims to be a database for all men, ships etc. from the Republic. For example pages about Clone weapons, ships, locations, Jedi Generals, etc are fine, but pages about bounty hunters or bad guys rather not.
  4. Be nice to other users. In the blogs, chats, comments on other users' pages, be nice everywhere. Criticizing someone's work is perfectly fine, as long as you do it in a respectful and helpful way with as intent to help the user to improve, never to be mean. Any swearing/cursing is of course not allowed, let's keep this wiki nice and clean.
  5. Never delete someone's work without a giving a good reason and requesting it to be changed in the comments first. You wouldn't want someone to remove what you worked on for 2 hours without any reason, would you? (Rule does not apply to admins)

Violating the above rules will be "punished" with a simple warning. Users who violate these rules multiple times and/or fail to listen to the warnings given by admins, will be dealt with accordingly.

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